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Raising Children to Love Learning

Part 1: Everything about learning problem.

Hi, my name Roslina, people call me Ina. Actually this is my 1st blog. I love to talk about children and share my experiences with others. I am a kindergarten teacher and I am operating my own kinder and nursery. My life surrounding with all precious children including two of my lovely kid. I love this field ... mencabar, menduga kesabaran dan yang penting I am felt young all the time! Takde conflict dengan adult ... most of the time we are laughing with them. I really admiring them when I noticed that they have a special gift by god. I loved working with children, it motivated us to be a good role model to them. I did my special project with HIV+ kids, byk benda yang I belajar tentang kehidupan. I took my Dip. in Special Needs Children & Psychology and its really help me to deal with them. Today, every 10 children that came into my centre; 1 should be different compared to the others. At least I can help them to build their interest in learning. They're so special ... a gift from the heaven! Memang mencabar membesarkan anak-anak tapi itulah amanat dari Illahi. As a mother, we all have the same problem. Betul tak? Here some knowledge that can can share with all the mothers like me! As what people said; "parent is the worse enemy to children!" , quite cruel... but that is the reality of now day parents!
Have you ever said anything like this to your child?
"Ibu tahulah Baby tengah siapkan project sekolah, tapi kita kena pergi sekarang juga! Balik nanti Baby siapkanlah.."
"Will you please get off the Internet so someone else in this house can use it? I don't care if you haven't read everything there is on the Web about earthquakes."
If this comment like these sound familiar, it mean you've seen your child instenly absorbed in work taht emand brainpower. It means you've witnessed self-motivation uop close and your child shows signs of loving learning.
Perhaps, however, your home sounds more like this one: (biasanaye macam ni lah!)
Ibu : Baby, pergi buat kerja sekolah.
(1/2 jam kemudian)
Ayah : Baby! dah buat ke belum? Berangan la pulak...
(15 min. kemudian)
Ibu : (suara mula lantang) Baby! berhentian berangan boleh tak? Siapkan kerja sekolah tu, dah nak masuk tidur ... kalau ibu suruh siapkan...siapkanlah! Kalau tak... esok tak payah pergi KK kat sekolah.
(Baby masuk bilik dengan muka tak puas hati..dan hempas pintu)
Ibu : Hari-hari nak ingatkan...boring betul!(membebel tal sudah)
Ayah : Saya pun rasa macam tu! Perangai siapalah yang dia menurun!
(Ni, conversation byang biasa kita dengar, bila bercakap tentang anak-anak)
Every child is born with a desire to learn. Indeed, most children enter kindergarten excited about learning to read and write and eager to know about the world around them. Yet by the time they reach middle school (and often before), many of our children are like Baby. (mcm dlm dialog). Entahlah, maybe they look on learning as drudgery, not the exiciting opportunity that propelled them when they were little.
For the past several decades, parensts have been told taht the best way to encourage kids to learn is to puff their self-esteem by piling on rewards and praise. Grades and prozes have been considered the most effective tools for motivating children to study.
But psychologist have shown that raising eager learners is not simply a matter of making children "feel good". Indeed, the research I am going to share with you reveals how much a strategy can do damage. What we learned, instead, is that we need to raise chidren who feel competent, autonomous and secure in tehir realtionship to others. Kids will be self-motivated to learn when tehy feel capabel and skilled and confident of becoming more so; when they have some ported and respected by their parents. Children who love learning love learning also believe that intellegance isn't fixed and inborn, but they can get smarter by working hard.

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